Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY!

Once again, it is (almost) Friday and time to show off our houses :) I missed last week's post because my laundry room is currently in the process of being redone ( I will post pictures when everything is completed) and I don't have a playroom, so I am even more excited to show my master bedroom (even if I am a bit early)! This bedroom was a huge part of the reason we bought this house- the people before us had a king bed and the room still looked huge which is never a bad thing.

I love my bedding. When Brian and I were engaged, I looked everywhere for bedding that would be perfect for a man AND a woman's room. I knew we wanted something in the sea foam green or robin's egg blue family, but I could not really find anything that was perfect. Finally, we were married and headed to St. John and I told my mom that if she saw something that was pretty, go ahead and get it- and this is what we got! It is pretty and calm and is everything we could have wanted in a bedspread, quilt thing.

This view is from the bedroom door- You can't see it very well from here but the picture above the bed is of a path with trees on both sides. We got it from Ikea (LOVE that store) to replace a headboard and have basically fallen in love with it. (picture below)

(From our bathroom)

(From our closet)

My parents gave us the furniture from my room growing up which was a huge relief financially AND it looks great! Our chair was from Marshall's before they went out of business. I really loved getting deals from that store!

This picture is under the glass on my side of the dresser. I love that he was that adorable, even when he was a little boy. And I got to marry him :) Shows great promise for our children.

Well, in other news, my interview is tomorrow at 11. I am nervous and excited and antsy and really hoping I hear something by the end of the day tomorrow so I don't have to think about it and think about it and think about it all weekend. I haven't been able to focus on ANYTHING practically all week trying to keep my mind fresh on ideas for the classroom. It's been a rough week for the family, so it would be pretty great if something could just go FANTASTICALLY.

Anyway, thanks for the prayers for tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed the master bedroom! Have a blessed Thursday night!


  1. Wow... huge room. Great bedding, and I love the photo of your hubby when he was little. so cute :).

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! Love the picture and your room!


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