Welcome Sunday School Family Baby Keel!

Today was a day of happiness, sadness, and frustration. I guess it is good to have a little bit of everything in the mix, but I could do without the sadness and frustration. Those days seem more and more frequent the older I get.
This morning I went to hang out with my friend and mentor Alison who leaves tomorrow to go on the mission field. We ended up going on a quick trip to Wal-Mart then hanging out at her house, which was a perfect finale before the big move, because that's what we did when she lived here. She is such an encouragement me to on how to be a Godly wife, a Godly teacher, and a Godly leader. I was so blessed by our time together and by her constant reminders to keep my heart and mind focused on Christ. She leaves tomorrow morning to head overseas to share the Gospel with people who don't know Him. It is sad to see her go, but praise the Lord for her and her husband's work. Please keep them in your prayers.
On the complete other hand, we had a Sunday School party tonight and one of the couples in our class is pregnant! The Keels have been talking about having a baby for awhile now- Adam longer than Maegan- so it is exciting to see the process start! I was only a tiny bit disappointed it wasn't us. But that's okay, it will happen in the Lord's time. YAY for them!
Finally, the thing I can't get off my mind- my interview. I still haven't heard (I know, I know, it's only Tuesday.) I just REALLY would love the job. I keep hoping the phone will ring and every minute it doesn't I assume I didn't get it. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I should probably be more patient.
And to finish, here is a picture of the cup I ordered today from Swoozies! Obviously I ordered the Auburn one, not the, uh, blue one. It also comes with my monogram. I CANT WAIT for it to come in! No more sweaty water marks on all of my furniture, and ITS HUGE! :)

Have a blessed night my friends!!

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