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So, the entire reason behind my not posting for the past 3 weeks has been my classroom. Friday I finally put the finishing touches on it so it is student friendly and educational. I am so excited about my job. I know God has big things in store for me and I can't wait to see what they are. Please be praying He prepares my heart and mind for whatever it is. Monday begins our official days of meetings and whatnot before school starts on the 18th. I love the area the school is located. It is the type of place where students walk to the ice cream shop around the corner after school. The outside of the school is warm and inviting. Brian said he thinks it looks like Hogwarts. I wondered if he had ever seen Harry Potter because it certainly doesn't, but it does have the old time movie looking feel.

My classroom is SUPER spacious. I have more places to store things then I do in my own home (which is never bad for a teacher.) I opted this year not to have a teacher's desk. Brian thinks I am a loon, but I never used it last year and it takes up so much space. The horseshoe table will have to do :)

Behind the horseshoe table is my birthday cake cabinets. Poor Brian spent about an hour cutting out cake iciing from scrapbook paper one random Tuesday night. I think they turned out pretty good and I spent nothing because I collect scrapbook paper like Hobby Lobby will never have another sale. I am going to put candles with the students names and birthdays on the cakes of their birthday months.

This is my word wall and character trait bulletin board. I am going to hang the student's pictures by the traits because those are what we are aiming for!

This is the calendar math section of my whiteboard. We will take note of the days of the week and how many days we have been in school.

My favorite part of the my classroom is the reading nook. It is the perfect amount of space for grabbing a book and a bean bag and settling in for a good read. This picture isn't actually a finished product, but it is close enough.

Finally, here are my work hangers. I used these FANTASTIC hooks from Ikea to hang them on the ribbon. They don't slide and they were quick and painless to use. I can't wait to hang student's work!

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. CUTE classroom! You did a great job setting it up! I'm so jealous of all your space! My favorite part are those work hangers! Is that just construction paper with bulletin board liners on each side? I like that!

  2. Your classroom is amazing! I love the work hangers under the board. I may steal that idea! Have a great year!


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