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I love Black Friday. I love sales. I love finding a bargain. This morning I had very little luck, but I did enjoy the thrill of the hunt. And I have pretty much finished Brian's Christmas shopping. Did anyone see Gap's buy one get one sweater deal? Uh, yeah. The Johnson's RACKED up.

In other news, today was the biggest game of the season in the state of Alabama. For those of you not from here, let me explain. The Iron Bowl is the culmination of everything football in our state. Here, you are either Alabama or Auburn. We, of course, our Auburn. The best part about the Iron Bowl is that no matter who the actual "better team" is, anything can happen. Though the outcome didn't happen quite like I would have liked, Auburn stayed ahead of the #2 team in the nation the ENTIRE game. Except of course for the last minute where they scored, we threw a hail mary, it was blocked and we lost. But hey, they fought hard, played an incredible game, and it's ALWAYS great to be an Auburn tiger.
Finally, after the game, Brian and I went to drown our sorrows at the dollar movie, where we enjoyed a nice cold can Coke and saw Julie and Julia. It was pretty funny and I could relate to the blogging part- I was just a little disappointed in the ending. Did anyone see it? What did you think?
Can you believe tomorrow's only Saturday? I love Thanksgiving break! Have a great night my friends!

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  1. I've wanted to see that movie! Well, there's a lot of movies I'd like to see right now.

    So, what TIME did you get up to go shopping on Black Friday?


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