Navy Nightmare

Ahh, there is something about Halloween. I always think, ew, I don't like this holiday, then always manage to have fun.
This year's fun was centered around Auburn football and a great Halloween party. Brian and I have been really busy over the past several months and had counted on being home this weekend to catch up on rest, get ready for the major kitchen counter redo (stay tuned- the men are coming FRIDAY) and house cleaning. Well, that all went to pot when some fantastic friends offered us tickets to this week's game against Ole Miss. Though it is much lighter than it was two years ago, I always have this desperate desire to go to Auburn. So many of the best things in my life were a result of Auburn University and because of that, no matter how bad the past several games have been or even if the boys are not playing at all, I ALWAYS want to be there. When Rob offered us tickets, Brian and I JUMPED at the chance. So Saturday morning, Brian and I headed to Auburn with our friends Jared and Ashley. Rob and Ginny couldn't go because of major plumbing problems at their house and we missed them a TON. The theme of the game was Navy Nightmare and I honestly thought it wouldn't matter, but my tried and true proved me wrong! Auburn played extremely well, made us bowl eligible, and won 33-20.

After the game, we rushed back to Birmingham to attend a Halloween party. It was the first time Brian and I had dressed-up together since we started dating 7 years ago. Brian had all sorts of stipulations on what we could and could not be. He had to be able to sit down, he wouldn't wear cardboard- the list goes on and on. So after going through idea after idea, we finally came up with this-
Simple, inexpensive, and sit downable.
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


  1. haha, I love the costume! and Yay for Auburn being bowl eligible! I'm a Gators fan, but I share the joy in any SEC's team success!

  2. Yeah, thanks for telling us you were down here, ya punks!

  3. Hi - Just poked around on your precious blog for a while after you left a comment on my blog. I was curious to know if you knew that we actually live in Auburn?! I'm a Bama grad and my husband a UGA grad but we seem to be raising 4 AU fans so....War Eagle, I guess!


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