Book Goal #2- The Higher Power of Lucky

For my second Newbery Award Winner this year, I read The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron. The media specialist at my school mentioned it as a book that was controversial, so I checked it out and found out more for myself. This book was the 2007 Newbery Award Winner.

After reading the book for about 1 minute, I discovered why it was controversial. The book begins with a 10 year old girl standing outside an AA meeting, listening in. She hears the people talking about their "higher power" (their inner strength that allowed them to get over alcoholism) and decides that is what's missing in her life. This "higher power" is referenced throughout the entire book. I think that the Susan Patron did a good job reflecting the confusion and simple-mindedness of a child who is bordering between childhood and adolescents. The setting was vivid and easy to imagine, but I did not enjoy reading the book. As I was reading, I was more than a little frustrated that this book meant for children was discussing adult topics that would give children too much information at a young age. I kept wishing the "higher power" they were discussing were Christ. If children/ young adult authors were as focused on Him as they are on alchohol and sex, imagine where our world would be. The only Higher Power we need is knowing Christ, His sacrifice for us, and the love that He gives. Any other "higher power" is a waste. Once again, I felt that the book was inappropriate for children and wouldn't let the students in my class read it.

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