The day my life was changed.... kind of.

4 years ago I was completely obssessed with Carrie Underwood. I mean SERIOUSLY obsessed. I must have listened to her Some Hearts CD for 6 months straight. The girls got talent, what can I say?
Brian and I were still dating at this point so my sweet then-boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see Carrie in Birmingham for our 3-year anniversary. I was beyond thrilled. She was opening for Brad Paisley, who I knew next to nothing about and really didn't like, but who cared? I was seeing Carrie.
We went to the concert and sat next to a rather inebriated couple, held hands, and sang softly (ok, maybe loudly) along as she sang Jesus Take the Wheel and That's Where It Is. I was a smidge disappointed in her performance (she was still pretty new at that point), but her songs were good and I was happy.Then, he took the stage and I no longer was obsessed with Carrie Underwood but with Brad Paisley. He put on an INCREDIBLE concert. He was talented (Brian loves his guitar playing), funny, and VERY entertaining. I went home, bought as many songs as I could find on Itunes, replaced the Carrie CD in my car, and have not gone back yet. (Don't get me wrong, I still like Carrie, but there isn't room in my heart for two favorites.) I don't love ALL of his songs, but enough of them that I am entertained for a long period of time. I mean have you heard the song Then? What's not to love?
Okay, so I know what you're thinking- Ashley, you need to be doing something more productive than telling us this right now. You are going to be stressed out very soon and you are not very fun to be around when you are. And yes, you are so right, but that is where the rest of the story comes in....
For Christmas, my wonderful and thoughtful and incredible husband bought me two tickets to see Brad for this weekend. I am within 72 hours of seeing him in concert again and I am so excited that I just can't focus! I have spent the evening on Itunes, listening to songs and pretending to do school work, but let's face it, it just isn't happening.

(Okay, this is us excited, but not about Brad. Actually, we were excited about Mickey Mouse. But, if you could see me now, I would have the same expression, but be wearing a long sleeved shirt.)

But the light at the end of the tunnel is that I get to see BRAD at the end of this long and tiring week! Yay!

Want to join me in my unproductivity?

Then (My all time favorite.)

Online (You just can't help but laugh.)

Little Moments (The one that made me love him!)

It's almost THURSDAY!!

One day from Friday.

Which is officially the weekend.


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