The Johnson's Best of Birmingham- Restaurants

This weekend our Sunday School class had a Girl's Night and Guy's Night. The guys went camping, shooting, and fishing and the ladies had a sleepover, looked at wedding pictures, and made prayer scrapbooks. It was a TON of fun.

Somewhere during the evening, we started discussing our favorite restaurants in the area. Everyone loved somewhere different and I had not heard of several of them. It was fun to get new ideas for date night or an evening with friends.

I am adding mine and Brian's favorites to this post- feel free to join the party and link up- whether you are in Birmingham or Liberia, just name the place or places and let us know what they serve!
The Johnson's Best of Birmingham- Restaurants
  • Rojo- Unique Latin and American food with festive atmosphere. (The Highland's area)
  • Nabeel's- Greek restaurant and grocery. Intimate setting perfect for date! (Homewood)
  • Superior Grill - Tex-Mex, fun for couples or groups (Hwy. 280)
  • Another Broken Egg Cafe- FABULOUS breakfast, but a little pricey. Open from 6:30- 2:00 (Mountain Brook)
  • Taziki's- Casual Greek. The Friday Pasta special is TO DIE FOR. (Hwy. 280 and Hoover)
  • 5 Guys- Awesome burgers and fries. (Brookwood and Hoover)
  • Jim and Nick's- BBQ and awesome cheese biscuit/ muffins (Hwy. 280 and Hoover)
  • Milo's- The best sweet tea anywhere. (Vestavia)

If you are around Birmingham, give one of these places a shot- I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. HI, Ashley, I'll add in an old post of mine about our fave Italian Restaurant in Alabaster, Joe's. Great, authentic Italian food from REAL Italian's, it is great (not upscale) homestyle cooking. We love this place!!

  2. You are making me hungry. I love Nabeel's!

  3. Hey Ashley -
    I'm so glad I happened upon your blog so I can check in on your life :-) How are you doing?
    I just bought a house - it is a foreclosure and a serious fixer-upper. I thought of you as I have been documenting and blogging about the renovation process. (I know we have always enjoyed chats about our decorating aspirations) You can check out the blog if you're interested. www.auburnjenn.blogspot.com
    Praying for you today as I read about your life... proud of you!!


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