Table Love

Introducing.... our dining room table!

We LOVE it and can't wait to have people over for dinner to use it :)

In other news, the Blockbuster by our house is going out of business. We purchased The Office Season 1 and 3 disks of Season 2 for under $30. Our Tuesday night marathon has now moved to other nights of the week. I just adore Pam and Jim.

Have a blessed and wonderful Easter evening my friends!

Christ is Risen!


  1. So pretty! I wasn't really an Office watcher until recently and now I can't get enough! I love that TBS airs it every night as well as a couple of other channels! Of course we own all of the DVD's if we really need to watch!

  2. I seriously adore this! I'm jealous (in a good way).

  3. I love the table! It looks great! Wesley and I have been going through The Office with our Netflix. We're at the end of season 2 I think. Happy Easter!

  4. The table looks wonderful!! and I love The Office as well!

  5. Oh it is soo lovely! I cannot wait to see it in person! Hope you guys had a great Easter! Much love!

  6. hey-invite me over to eat on that table please! love you!

  7. I love the new table! Can't wait to see it in person!


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