School's Out for Summer

Today was my third "last day of school" as a teacher. It is always a peculiar feeling. These children that I have loved and invested in over the course of 10 months walk out the door and in an instant, they are no longer my responsibility. It's incredibly strange and I don't think I am quite adjusted to it yet. I am excited it is summer, but I will really miss some of these children.

This "last day" was much different than the other two last days. Today, I walked out the door of the school knowing that in August I will be walking back in, knowing that I will be able to see those students again. I am incredibly blessed by God. My job and school, though not perfect, are far more incredible than anything I could have imagined. For the first time since I started teaching, I feel like I fit in, like I belong, like I assist in making the school great. The steps to getting here have been very emotional and hard, but God had each step planned to a T. Things I learned from school #1 and #2 have been essential to my success at school #3 and I am thankful for the time and growth I had from those opportunities.

Today was the last day of school, but it was also a reminder of God's faithfulness. He is so good.

Happy summer break!!


  1. So happy for you about having a job that you love and loves you just as much! : ) Andddd, sooo happy for summer! : )

    Phone date tomorrow? MISS YOU!

  2. Today was my last day too! This year went by really fast and I had really good groups of kids this year! Enjoy your summer!


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