Black Friday

Brian and I were both up early this morning for some Black Friday deals! 

My friend Jennifer and I hit Belk to do some shopping for our husbands (and maybe a little bit for us.) The shoe section was a complete madhouse. I have never seen anything like it. Women were fighting and cussing- the word "lady" didn't seem to cross their minds.

I managed to almost finish shopping for Brian and got a few cute sweaters for me. 
After the mall, we headed to Lifeway. They have fabulous deals on ESV Bibles, Beth Moore Bible studies, and The Blind Side. I think I spent more money there than I did at the mall! If you are interested, their sales go through tomorrow, so you should check it out!

While I was browsing the mall, Brian was hitting up HH Greg. We managed to get an awesome deal on a new flat screen TV. It was a great treat and a fabulous way to start the bowl season!

After a couple hours of shopping and a short nap, the Edwards, Bensingers, Danny, and his girlfriend, Margaret came to our house the watch the Iron Bowl (on our new TV no less!) 
The game was A-Usome! After a disappointing first half, Auburn led us to a stellar victory against our biggest rivals, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Next step, the SEC championship, then hopefully the BCS National Championship!

War Eagle!!!

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  1. Another heart stopper. But oh, sweet victory, sweet sweet victory. WAR EAGLE!


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