Feed My Starving Children

Last night, Brian and I had the opportunity to serve alongside several members of our Sunday School class to package and prepare foods for starving children around the world. Feed My Starving Children is a nonprofit organization based out of Minnesota. The organization began when several people went on a mission trip to South America. They brought granola bars and other nonperishable foods that we commonly eat here in the United States, but realized that these highly processed foods only made the children more sick because their weak bodies could not handle them. From that opportunity, Feed My Starving Children began, creating a combination of various dietary elements that would benefit the children, not hurt them. These things include rice, chicken seasoning, soy, and dried veggies. They chose rice because it was a staple food in countries throughout the world. They chose chicken seasoning rather than actual chicken because of the various cultural beliefs about meats. With this formula, the company began the task of seeking to feed the world's poor and starving children. 

This is where we come in. We are beyond blessed by the opportunities that are presented for us at our church. Shades partnered with Feed My Starving Children to prepare and package 300,000 meals to send to 70 different countries throughout the world. Feed My Starving Children brought the dry rice, soy, chicken seasoning, and dehydrated veggies and the members of our church have worked to package them over the course of the week. The process is like a well oiled machine! In less than two hours last night, the 80 people at the event packaged over 27,000 meals. It was incredible!

Check out the website to learn more about Feed My Starving Children. This nonprofit organization is run by believers and is a great way to serve. And if you are interested, they come to you! 

Not to mention, you get to wear hairnets :)

Have a blessed night!

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