Snow Day- Take 2!

Who would have guessed I would be making my second snow day post in less than a month? Crazy!

Brian headed out yesterday at about 11:45 to go to the complex. You see, my husband works for the power company so each time there is a storm with significant power outages, he goes to fuel the trucks so the power can be turned back on. The threat of this storm was so big, they headed out before hand to be prepared (Alabama Power users, look how good your power company is!)

This left me with LOTS of free time. I initially planned on taking a nap, working on the budget and cleaning the house. Instead, I talked to a sweet friend for over an hour, watched Greek and the movie New in Town. Brian had to spend the night at work, so I slept late, got up, and watched more Greek and folded laundry. Brian made it home at about 12:00 today and we spent a nice day together! I have finished off season 1 of Greek and am completely relaxed! I am just waiting for them to make the call on school tomorrow!

The most exciting thing about this snow day is the fact the power is still on! 
Auburn kicks off in 2 hours against the Oregon Ducks in the National Championship.
I simply can not wait.

War Eagle my friends!!

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  1. I LOVE Greek! It is so true to what college was like in the greek system!


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