Toomer's Corner

I love the campus of Auburn University. 

I love the memories and the future that Brian and I have there.
I love the fact that as part of our first date and part of many dates after, Brian and I walked around campus exploring it's beauty. I love the memory of pep rallies in the street in the intersection of Magnolia and  College. I love the memory of rolling trees at Toomer's Corner after big games and celebrating our victory with the Auburn family. 

 I love the dream of football games with our children as they grow up and of taking pictures of them in their cap and gown.

I love Auburn. 
And I'm sad for Toomer's Corner. I know it is just a tree, but it is a huge Auburn tradition. It breaks my heart that Baby J might not be able to roll the tree after a game or take a picture kissing their future spouse under the tree before graduation. It is such a huge part of Auburn. And I'm sad.

If you aren't from Alabama and don't know what I'm talking about click here.
And click here to see the idiot who did it. They arrested him this morning.

I believe in Auburn and love it.

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