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As I was browsing through blog posts this morning, I came upon a fun blog hop called Friday Favorites at A Love Worth Waiting For. This week, Lyndsie is focusing on our favorite blogs! 

My favorite part about blogging is the fact that I have the opportunity to get to know amazing and Godly women from around the country. Though we may never meet, I love seeing insight and experience, learn of new projects and ideas, and simply "get to know" these women. It is so much fun! 

One of the first blogs I found as I started blogging was Brittney's at Far More Than Rubies. She features encouraging posts about the Lord, about books, and more recently about her baby, which is due very soon! I love reading her insights and enjoying her humor!

Another blog I began following when I first started blogging was Kathryn's at And Baby Makes Three. I love the fact that I found her just before Madelyn was born, so it feels like I know her and her sweet little girl! She loves Jesus and loves her family! She is an incredible role model and a great picture of what I hope to be, both now and when Baby J is born. Recently, she started posting about her homerun business, the Bitterberry Boutique. She makes incredible and adorable clothing and hair bows as well as super cute scrapbooks that just require pictures! Check out her blog and her Facebook store!

Finally, I really enjoy following Beth at Design A-Peele. Beth features lots of great posts on updates for her house. Her style is clean, colorful, and classy! I have gotten so much inspiration from her ideas and simply enjoy browsing her blog! She and her husband Matt recently adopted a precious little boy. It was so encouraging to hear their story as they went through the adoption process. God is so good!

Though those are my "favorites" there are so many fabulous blogs, it is hard to narrow it down! I can't wait to read about the blogs everyone else enjoys!

Have a fabulous day!! 


  1. Thanks for featuring me! I'm glad we "met," in the blog world too! One day, we'll meet in real life, ha!

  2. Oh my goodness. You are WAY too kind. Just read this and it means a lot! I know you will make a fabulous mom the baby J and I look forward to reading about it!

  3. Thanks for the mention Ashley! Emily Ann is absolutely precious! congrats on a precious baby!


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