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Relaxing evenings
Last week, Brian worked the night shift fueling trucks for the power company. I was so glad that he was able to help people, but I barely saw him all week. To recover from our time apart, we found an *awesome* discount and stayed at Ross Bridge for the night. It was a wonderful weekend. We had a great meal, hit Babies R Us, just to update the registry as we slowly recover from the shock of all things baby, and enjoyed the benefits of cable, which we have been without since February. Saturday, we spent the day at the pool! It was fabulous!
Look at the view from our room!

Baby showers
 I enjoyed my first two baby showers this week! My sweet friends at school threw me and another girl expecting twins a faculty baby shower. We had a awesome cheese ball, salsa, and cookies.The decorations were so pretty and the party was great. I was so blessed by the sweet gifts from the faculty and can't wait to share them with Emily Ann!

Yesterday, my class surprised me with a baby shower. They scheduled a fake meeting to get me out of the classroom, then set up. The kids jumped out when I got back to the classroom and nearly scared the daylights out of me. The shower was such a wonderful surprise. We played from great, kid friendly games including pin-the-baby on Mrs. J and Scattergories. Students worked in groups to brainstorm as many girl names as possible and as many things that babies CAN'T do as possible. The things they came up with were so funny- a person said do a handstand, someone else said go to the bathroom by themselves, and the quietest girl in my class said SPIT in a very loud voice. Hilarious. Once again, I was so blessed by their thoughtfulness and had so much fun.
Check out the pin-the-baby board... A little boy informed me that it looked just like me, except she was fatter. Ha.

Since classes have finally ended for the semester, I have been trying my hand at making hairbows. They certainly aren't perfect yet, but they are getting better. I am also LOVING fabric flowers. There are so many great blog tutorials on both of these... I just want to keep making them!!
Sorry for the bad quality pictures- I took them on the iPhone and was zoomed too close.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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  1. So so cute! I have the first fabric of the bow you featured: it's so precious, as are the other bows! You will have so much fun this summer having more free time and getting things ready for her!


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