The Bitter Berry Boutique

Recently, I have been in a hairbow obsession. I look at every outfit I buy for Emily Ann and try to decide which color bow or headband would go BEST with the outfit. Weird? Possibly. Fun? Absolutely! I have seen a lot of the crocheted headbands to attach bows to, but really wanted the elastic headbands that don't leave a mark.

As I have mentioned in the past, And Baby Makes Three is one of my absolute favorite blogs. Kathryn is amazing and is so in love with the Lord, her husband, and her daughter. She is a fabulous photographer and sewer (as in person who sews, not a place where gross stuff goes... what is the correct word for that?). I have been following her and her sister's Facebook shop, The Bitterberry Boutique, for awhile, but haven't been able to figure out how to buy from her since I am not on Facebook or in Texas. They make the cutest bows, headbands, and clothes ever! A week or so ago, I went to her shop and found she had started an Etsy shop- *SCORE!*

I ordered a plethora of newborn/ infant headbands plus two super cute burp cloths. I am holding off on ordering clothes until I see how big she is, but I am so excited to see the hairbands on Emily Ann! Check out my goodies! The items are so well made and are precious!

Check out Kathryn's Etsy shop, Bitterberry Boutique, to see more of her wonderful creations! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Adorable! Can't wait to see them on a sweet baby head!

    And you crack me up....a seamstress is someone who sewa, Ash! :)

    Sorry it didn't work out for us today, maybe before the end of the month though!!

    PS-please blog your thoughts on hp7-2.

  2. You are far too sweet! Glad you liked your items!


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