Closet Before and After

Brian and I are blessed with an amazing walk-in closet. It was a major buying point when we purchased our house- anywhere where there was room for both of our clothes sounded good to us. 

But sometimes this blessing is also a curse.

A few weeks ago, we got to that point. It was infuriating to walk in the closet. So Brian and I got to work and spent an entire day working on organizing the closet. I am sort of a matching crate and bucket girl when it comes to organizing and containers, so the inconsistencies in the closet sort of bother me a bit, but overall, the change is amazing. See, Brian can actually GET to his clothes.

Once we had company over and we actually left the bedroom AND the closet door open. Very rare.

This past weekend we cleaned out the garage so that BOTH of our cars fit and once I stop avoiding my last week of grad work (yay!), I plan to organize the office/ guest room/craft room.
This nesting thing definitely has its benefits :)

Have a great Monday my friends!

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