13 on Thursday

Today, I am following Rebecca's lead and noting 13 things that I did today.. or that have simply been on my mind. Look here and here to see some of her recent 13 on Thursday posts. Enjoy!

1. I had the longest doctors appointment of my life. I started with an ultrasound, then had a nonstress test, then finished with an actual appt. with the doctor. Good news, she is weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz, which is good for a gestational baby. Bad news, the doctor said she might be LATE. This goes against everything I have been planning. Please pray for Brian and I to have patience.

2. After our Bible study on Tuesday, I have been focusing on Proverbs 31 in my time in the Word. This is a passage I have read a million times since I was in college, but had never read BEFORE I was in college. It is a challenge and encouragement to see what and how I can benefit my husband both throughout life and spiritually. It is such a desire not only in my marriage and life, but also in how I hope to portray a Godly woman to Emily Ann.

3. I adore the songs Remind Me (Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood) and Dirt Road Anthem (Jason Aldean). I have listened to them at least 50 times in the past week and begin most days listening to them. 

4. I have been in a super crafty mood over the past two weeks, but somehow the mood is rubbing off and leaving me a little stressed. Our living room looks like a craft bomb went off.
(This is from CLEANING up- imagine what it looked like before!)

5. Brian took a 1/2 day off work today to go with me to the doctor. I believe he should work half days all the time.

6. Brian's bros, Scott and Kevin, joined us for dinner. I love a good sloppy Joe and couldn't live life without tater tots.
Here they are enjoying some cookies during a break from the Wii game Golden Eye. 

7. I hate parking decks. Especially hospital parking decks.

8. I am shocked my Cricut hasn't broken from overuse. I am pumping out the banners and signs on a daily basis now!

9. I got amazing new pillows and picture frames to put in the living/ dining room for my birthday. I credit my immediate desire to change the room around to Pinterest and nesting. Once the room is clean, I will post pictures.

10. I had breakfast with one of the teachers from my school this morning. It was so good to catch up with her. Teachers have to be back on Monday and I don't have any plans on Monday. Super strange.

11. Kevin brought our maternity pictures when he came tonight. They are absolutely incredible. He and his friend Ethan took so many amazing pictures. I will do a full post with more pictures but had to share a *spoiler.* Check out the Cadence Photography website to see some more of Kevin's work!

12. I am dreading child birth.

13.  I can not wait for our little girl to be here. My excitement is more than my dread.

Have a blessed Thursday!


  1. Several things:
    YAY for 13 on Thursdays! I actually didn't realize today was Thursday. I guess I should get back in the habit of paying attention to what day it is now that I'm going back to work!

    I can't wait to see more maternity pictures! You also need to do a nursery reveal post! I can't wait to see pictures of your new pillows ... post those too please! Also, have you used your burlap ribbon yet?

    When the time comes childbirth won't be a dreadful thing.

  2. 1. Lily was 6 lbs 11 oz when she was born and was a healthy little girl :) So tell your doctor I said that EA can come early!

    2. I LOVE Dirt Road Anthem!


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