13 on Thursday

Happy Thursday guys!
Here are 13 things that have happened or have been on my mind today...

1. I had my regular appointments this afternoon.... Things look good, but slow. I am just so ready to meet my little girl!

2. I had lunch with one of my good friends from high school, Christy, and her sweet little girl Audrey. I love Diplomat Deli and I love catching up with old friends!

3. Brian and I had these Black Bean Quesadillas for dinner last night. They were so so tasty! That lime and black bean mixture is something special!

4. I found this home organizer on Pinterest last night. I worked on ours for a while today and am so excited about the results. I plan to share sometime soon!
Here's a spoiler...

5. I need a pedicure.
(I'm sorry for people who are grossed out by feet- You might not believe me if I didn't show you :) )

6. I can't wait to have a normal waistline again. I am drooling over some of these outfits...
I am also recognizing my great attachment to solid white shirts and grey accents. Honestly, I just want a pair of blue jeans that have a button, not elastic.

7. 16 days until football season.

8. I have been working on dressing up onesies for when Emily Ann gets here. Here are a few examples...

In case you can't tell, the top left is a zebra print Beetle. The bottom left is an owl. I know- my hand stitching still leaves a lot to be desired.
The polka-dotted onesie was inspired by this shirt refashion at Ruffles and Stuff.

 9. I completed my first sewing project this week. After severe distress that Emily Ann wouldn't have a girly Auburn outfit for the first game, I got to work on a onesie dress.
I also have a matching bow. I am really pleased with the result and hope to make another one soon. I got directions for the onesie dress here.

10. I have had a McDonald's ice cream cone every day this week. (.75 including tax- such a bargain!)

11. Brian's brother Kevin had dinner with us tonight. We had taco lasagna, chips, and salsa. It was delicious.

12. I am really liking Blake Shelton's new song, "God Gave Me You." I am so thankful God gave me Brian Johnson.

13.  I have really been itching to see The Proposal again. I have seen it several times, but it is just so funny!

Have a super night!

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  1. Love the onesies and the dress! Can't wait to see pictures of Emily in them!


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