Feeling a bit sour.... dough....

Last week, my friend Ashley's mom gave me some of her delicious sourdough bread starter and taught me how to make it. Though I went home with loaves last week, it was really her doing- they were incredible!!

This week, it was time for me to start the process on my own! I was so nervous!

First I fed the starter... then waited 12 hours.

Next I created the dough... then waited 12 more hours.

After 24 hours, I finally got out the camera :) 
Here is the dough after it had risen.

I then separated the dough into three loaves. Clearly they were not even.... I will be more careful next time- I was just so nervous!
After dividing into loaves, I had to wait 8 more hours. 

Here are the risen loaves...

Then I finally got to bake!!!
25-30 minutes at 350* and I got these beauties!!

For a closer look...

And not only were the pretty, they were scrumptious!!!!
It is quite a process, but I must say, grilled cheese on sourdough bread will make your life better. 
You must believe me.

My next take will be in the middle of next week... we are hoping we have a major interruption this week, so we will see how it goes, but my first attempt was a success!

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. This is so cool! My husband loves sourdough and we bought a starter when we were in San Francisco. It's gotta be less expensive than the $6/loaf habit from the farmer's market. ;)


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