Living/ Dining Room Updates

This week I learned something very important about pregnancy- what I thought was nesting several weeks ago was clearly only the calm before the storm. I hope this is a sign she is coming soon, because my mind WILL NOT STOP coming up with new things to do.. at all hours of the day and night. Our house is the cleanest it has been since I began graduate school and we have several cute updates that have really freshened up the place!
Pinterest has done nothing but add fuel to the fire. There are so many cute ideas- I had to put some into action!

My first update was above the buffet. We have had a very large picture of a geranium as the central focus of this living room and the living room in our apartment when we first got married. The picture was pretty cute, but Brian wasn't super fond of it and it was really only intended as a filler until we found something better.
After scouring Pinterest for cute photo ideas, I decided I liked this arrangement.

After shopping... and shopping... and shopping... I finally found frames that went great with our furniture and produced a nice, clean look. (Not the mention we found a deal! $15 a piece from Michael's.) Pardon the fact that 3 of the frames still have the model picture and plastic in them... we are fully expecting to adore a sweet little girl coming at the beginning of next month and want to hang her picture up.
Here's our version of the photo arrangement-

This photo setup takes up a good bit more of the wall than the geranium picture which helps with the layout in the room.

My next project was for something to put on the wall above our mini-drawer set. I purchased the drawers earlier this summer in hopes of reducing the school clutter and the future toy clutter. I managed to find this little baby for $99 at Home Goods. We had a great 8x10 picture of Toomer's Corner from Kevin above it for awhile, but it was really too small for the space. 
Once again, Pinterest came to me rescue. My sweet friend Beth pinned this great photo arrangement and I was instantly smitten...

I was also a big fan of the multi-initial monogram I had found earlier this summer (Bottom right).

For the space above the drawers, I decided to use a little of what we had, purchase the monograms from Hobby Lobby (on sale! $11 for all 4!) and mix the two ideas. 

Once again, we are waiting to fill that last frame until after EA is born.

Finally, I adjusted some of the things I already had or had previously made to finish the room. I created this Joshua 24:14 one afternoon when my obsession with burlap got the best of me. It's hanging above our bay window in the front of the house.

My mother in law gave us this vinyl decal when we got married. I finally mounted it on a large white platter and found a great place for it. 

Lastly, I added the awesome pillows my mom made me for my birthday. I wanted burlap pillows but thought they would be too rough to enjoy, so we found a similar colored, much softer fabric to go with new bright floral pillows. They really brighten up the room and bring some color into the design. Mom also made a runner to go on our table, so I was able to spread the brightness throughout the entire room.

Bodie is a big fan :) 

I am now looking for curtains for the center rod in the bay window and possibly a new coffee table, but really think I am about done with this room until after Emily Ann is born. I am really pleased with the updates- it made the house much more personal.... we just need to fill those frames :)

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, you are really missing out. Check out my boards to see other cute ideas and inspirations!


  1. Don't you love Pinterest?! I am so hooked. I started following you ;) Everything looks wonderful!

  2. Wow so cute! I love the baej letters....

    Got to love pinterest!

    Your mom did great on the pillows!!

  3. Looks fantastic! The picture arrangements and letter arrangements are great!


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