A week of dates

So, as we draw nearer to the due date, the due date seems much closer. Funny how that works. 

Though we can not wait for Emily Ann to be here, we have both found ourselves to be very protective of our time together for this week and the coming weekend. Maybe, hopefully, we won't make it until then, but on the other hand, a nice, carefree weekend would be the perfect way to prepare for a baby.

So in honor of our last few days of just the two of us, I created date night cards for Brian to choose from each night (for up to 8 nights.... hopefully we won't have to wait that long :) ). Our budget is much tighter than it has been in the past, so the ideas aren't expensive, or even out for the most part, but they are simple things to keep the TV off and just enjoy each other.

After finding this idea at Find Joy in the Journey, I decided to create an idea board of my own. I typed up fun ideas using cute fonts and borders, then printed them out and adhered them to scrapbook paper.

Next, I mounted them on magnets and placed them on the fridge. Each night, Brian can choose an activity for the evening!

I loved Shannon's idea of mounting fun ideas for summer- I think you can use this set-up for so many different things!
What are your cheap date night ideas?

Happy Monday!

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! I wish Keith and I had been able to do something like this before Landen was born... though our lives got crazy unexpectedly fast. I hope you guys have a wonderful last week of being just a couple of love birds!! You will treasure it, and by next month it will seem like an eternity away (though a very good eternity!!). Please let us know if you need or want anything along the way, before/during/after Emily Ann enters the world. We love you!


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