13 on Thursday

13 thoughts on this lovely fall Thursday....


2. Instagram. I am sad that I just discovered it a few weeks ago because it means I missed out on it for ALL THOSE MONTHS! I love that I can post pictures of EA through the day and Bri can see them at work. I feel like it lets him keep up with what's going on at home, plus it reminds me to document the every day. Such a fun app.

3. Tonight we had a date night. We went to Johnny Rockets, then Sam's and Target. This is the second date in a row that we went to a superstore. I feel like we are back at Auburn and have run out of inexpensive dates... except now they are expensive dates and are more necessity than fun outings. 

4. For the past several months they have been doing construction on the interstate near our house. The past two weeks they have been busting up the road. Every day I hear *bump.... bump.... bump....* all day long. It's enough to drive a person crazy.

5. So far, I am through season 5 of Friends. I feel like I am catching up on history.

6. We are going to Auburn on Saturday. I can't wait to smell that Auburn air, to tailgate, to shop, and to take about a zillion pictures of EA surrounded by the beauty that is Auburn. Aaaah. War Eagle.

7. Today my little girl is 8 weeks old. Her 2 month appointment is drawing closer and closer. I am dreading those shots.

8. Gifted is one week from today. I have 300 Christmas napkins and 160 bottles of water in the back of my car. My house is covered with banner, ponytail holder, and earring materials. I can't wait!! Birmingham folks, let me know if you are interested in coming!

9. We recently made reservations to go to the Grand in December. I can't wait to bring Emily Ann! Their Christmas decorations are gorgeous and it is so one of my favorite places!! We have been for the past 3 years and I am excited to continue the tradition.

10. I don't particularly care for baseball, but I have decided that because of Chrissy from Everyday with the Jays, I am going for the Rangers in the World Series. Thanks Chrissy for giving me someone to cheer for!

11.  In one week, EA's mobile and swing batteries died. C and D batteries are pricey!

12. A cold front is coming into the 'Ham tomorrow! 

13. EA was the last of 4 sweet babies to be born of our friends. Lily was born in May, Johanna in early August (on my birthday!), Laylee Claire in late August, then Emily Ann on the 1st of Sept. Last Friday night, all four families got together so the girls could begin to get to know each other and so we could introduce them to our friends Ryan and Brittany, who moved to TN a few years ago. It was so much fun to see our friends and to see the girls together!


  1. 1. I wish I had an iPhone so I could use instagram too!
    2. Have SO much fun with EA at Auburn! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!
    3. So fun to have friends w/babies all the same age! That will be so neat to cherish throughout the years!!!
    4. Thanks for the shout out! The game is now in extra innings and Nate and I are HYPERVENTILATING!!! But they just scored a 2-run homerun, so GOOO RANGERSSS!

  2. *Yay for Friends...best show ever!!!
    *We're pulling for the Rangers too, but because of our connection to Texas.
    *War Eagle!!!!


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