I Heart Faces: Beautiful B&W

As I mentioned several weeks ago, sweet Brian gave me a photography course for Christmas this year. I chose Ashley Ann Photography's Snap Shop course, and I have to be honest in saying it has changed my life. Pretty dramatic, I know, but I love photography and my camera now- even on manual! And since I believe I have the best subject ever, our computer is quickly filling up with pictures of my precious baby girl.

This month, I am stepping out on a limb and submitting a photo in the I Heart Faces photo challenge. There is a possibility to win cash and prizes, which is awesome, but I am also excited to continue improving my shots!

This month's theme is Beautiful B&W.
EA was sick this day and spent that morning napping on Daddy's chest. Makes me fall in love with both of them just a little bit more.

Check out more gorgeous black and white photos at I Heart Faces.
Photo Challenge Submission


  1. What a beautiful image! You are inspiring me to take a course as well, esp. before our little Baby Dub gets here. Glad to hear the review on the class you took.

  2. What a beautiful baby and a beautiful picture! Nice work!

  3. This is a sweet moment you captured! I so much wish that I had known more about photography when my kids were this little. I have snapshots, but this shot lets you connect emotionally. Nice job.


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