Misc. Friday

So I have resigned myself to believe that I may just be a very sporadic blogger for the next little while. I go from having a few ideas for posts to having absolutely nothing.

Today I just have very random thoughts...

Once again I missed EA's monthly post and she is officially 8 months old. It is coming, I just have to get the picture. I think I am kind of in shell shock because my sweet baby girl can not be 8 months old yet. If I put off the post, maybe it makes it less true. She is a complete blast but surely it will slow down a little.

Speaking of which, I cried during Butterfly Kisses at a wedding last weekend. I have been listening to that song since middle school but looking at EA and thinking how quickly the past 8 months have gone by did NOTHING to help the thought that in 25 years SHE might be getting married and my job as mom will be done. Good grief. As I said, surely it will slow down a little.

On a lighter note, thanks to my new friend Emily, I have been spending lots of time looking at various forms of calligraphy and pretty handwriting online. 
Like these...

We received  this jewel in the mail the other day....
Isn't it dreamy?

Brian and I have gone out to see a piece of land a few times recently. It's really pretty but very overgrown. May I please say that no matter what Brad Paisley says or thinks, ticks are not fun nor romantic. I think I had a skewed vision of them until this week. Dis-gus-ting.

Finally, check out EA's new toy.
This was in Lifeway. She wouldn't let go.

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  1. Haha! Don't you know that wooden spoons are the best?! Such a sweet baby girl! Have a great weekend!


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