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This week, I am excited to begin a weekly post noting my 5 favorite pins from the week. 
I know it has been around for awhile, but I still can't get enough of Pinterest. So many great ideas for our home, for parties, for crafts, for raising EA. Basically it rocks. 
With this in mind, I would like to introduce my Pinspiring Favorites for the week-

Awesome quote. We can't make our children be Godly, but we MUST live a Godly life, teach them about God, and live our life showing them that Jesus is real so that they will have no interest in being anything other than Godly.

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Children's worship notes graphic organizer.
I think of how many bulletins I littered with doodles- what a productive way to teach children to listen to sermons. The teacher in me loves the fact that we can help this with a graphic organizer. 

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Washi tape calendar
I really like washi tape. I mean, realllllly like it. But up until this pin I couldn't figure out why I needed it. Now my washi tape crush can actually have a purpose.

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Exposed brick wall
As I mentioned a few posts ago, Brian and I recently looked at and purchased some land. We plan to stick around this house for quite a bit longer, but hope to one day build on said land. Everyone says that building is a nightmare for the people hoping to one day live in the house so we are trying to plan ahead to eliminate any of the pain that we can. I want exposed brick somewhere. It's just pretty.

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Baby bubble bath pics
As a girl who takes a bath every single day, I think these have to be the cutest pics ever. We just may have to try this.

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  1. Fun! A new blog segment! Love the worship notes sheet for kids... I would like to use that even as an adult! Ha- do I teach Kindergarten or what?!


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