Sunday School

Last Sunday, Brian and I enjoyed our last Sunday as a full, functioning part of our newlywed Sunday School class. This week we are observing a second grade class and next week we will start teaching a 3rd grade class. 

I am excited about teaching. I am excited to be able to use the training and gifts God blessed me with as a teacher. I am excited to be able to serve WITH Brian, to plan WITH Brian, and to work WITH Brian. This is the first time in our marriage that we have served in an official position together and I can't wait see what God has in store for us.

But a little bit of me is sad.
If you know me in real life at all, you know I love our Sunday School class. I have tried to peer pressure many friends who live in town to join us and have even tried to peer pressure a few to move into town so that they can join us. 

God placed this class into our lives at exactly the right time- a time when we were lonely for friends, anxious to invest, and highly interested in being invested in. We have had magnificent teachers who prayerfully taught us God's Word first and foremost, then offered us encouragement, wisdom from their marriages, and friendship that I am eternally grateful for. He has given us friendships that show us the love of Jesus. He has taught us accountability, grace, love, and so much more in our 5 years with these people. 

So though I am excited to be starting a new stage in our life, I am a little bit heart broken. I love these people- they mean the world to me- and though I know we will always be friends, that we will attend SS functions and Bible studies with them, that we will still throw parties and watch football, and that we will sit with them at church, I know that it's going to be different.

From my heart, if you are not part of a Sunday School class or small group or community group that encourages you to be more like Christ, that offers true friendship and accountability, and that teaches you truths from God's Word, please find one. I know it is not always easy, that things don't always click, but I also know that it can change your life.




  1. How exciting to be able to serve together but also bittersweet to leave your SS group: even though you aren't "leaving" them in life, it is still sad to be apart from them on Sundays. We just started a Women's Bible Study on Wednesday nights and I am SO excited to have a group of fellow Christian ladies to learn and grow with together in God's word. I SO need that!!! And love the pictures of you all taking turns with the birth of your babies!

  2. Um, so this post breaks my heart!!! We are going to miss you in Sunday school so much, but we will still be friends!! I LOVE the pictures! We have been through so much together and I can't wait to see what the future holds!!

  3. Woot woot for 3rd grade! Y'all will do fantastic things with them I know!

    *And, I simply can't believe you would peer pressure your friends to move north just for a Sunday school class. : )

  4. Um so this post is a tear jerker! But I am so excited for yall and that yall are responding to God's call in your lives. By the way, I NEED these sweet pictures from the hospital.


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