Baby Needs List- 1 year later

As I think about the things we registered for vs. what we have used the most over the past year, it is really an interesting combination. We were so blessed to receive so much of what we needed at our showers but have picked up several things along the way.
As a year in review, here is a quick list of the things we love- again, it is just our opinion, but these have proved tried and true with EA!

Dr. Brown's bottles
Hospital grade breast pump-
I understand that lots of people have lots of opinions about breastfeeding. I also know that it doesn't always work out- not bc some girls are wimps or that they just can't handle it, but bc everyone is made different. This breast pump allowed me to give as much as I could to EA for the first few weeks of her life and I am incredibly grateful for that opportunity. The whole thing was honestly heartbreaking and ridiculously difficult for me emotionally and physically. When we have a second child, I will plan in the budget to rent this pump for the entire month. I just will.  
*On a side note, if you are a new mom struggling with breast feeding and want a friend, I totally get it and would love to talk! Just shoot me an email!*
Enfamil Gentlease-
Once again, I realize everyone has a different experience. Because I was unable to bf for very long, this formula was great- it was gentle on her stomach. Not cheap, but that's life. After she started eating table foods, we did transition to the normal yellow box of Enfamil.

A food processor
It's useful around the house and can make baby food!
Gerber Yogurt Blends
Gerber (or whatever is on sale :) ) baby food pouches-
EA no longer likes veggies, but she does like these that include fruit and veggies. They are also fabulous to throw in the diaper bag on a busy day- easy, clean, and tasty!

Furniture/ Big Items
Travel System-
We opted for the Chicco® Cortino Key Fit 30 travel system and loved it. The system came with a stroller, carseat, and carseat base. The stroller is kind of heavy but I love shopping with it. I dread the day I don't have a stroller to hold my drink, bags, and child while walking around the mall.
We have just transitioned EA into her "big girl" carseat, but also loved the carseat that came with this system. I never once questioned the safety of my child. Beyond that, it was easy to get her in and out- though it did get heavier as she got bigger... imagine that.
We got our swing at a consignment sale. It was a good deal and served us well with EA. The only problem I found with our swing was that it was battery powered- the size was great, but I would have preferred for it to plug in.
Pack N Play-
We use a Graco Pack N Play. Ours has the newborn napper and changing station, which was great for that first week when she slept in our room. 
This isn't ours, but it's similar.
We use the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier. This thing worked wonders during those winter months when it seemed like she would never stop having colds.

We have several friends who had the Fisher-Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano, so we decided to try it out. EA loves it. It is great for sitting, but she still loves to play with it now that she is pulling up. Warning- if your child is pulling up on it, it can be kind of top heavy, so they might fall over. We put ours against the wall. *They have these at consignment sales all over the place, check there before buying full price!
Stuffed animals
Board books
Jesus Storybook Bible
We love to read this little Bible to EA. Each story, both Old Testament and New, relate back to Jesus. Such a fabulous foundation, even at a few months old.
Fisher-Price Little People Noah Ark
EA loves the size of these sweet animals and flirts with Noah all day long... or chews on him.... She also loves to open the doors and put all the animals back in.
We haven't given it to her yet, but we also got the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity set. I love that they make these toys that center around stories from the Bible. 
Lego Duplos-
Brian swears they are better than Megablocks because they work better with real Legos. EA likes to break apart whatever you are building, empty the container, then put the Legos back in.
Stacking cups

Diaper Genie-
I swore I didn't need one of these things. Fancy expensive trash cans with fancy expensive bags. Then we had a normal trash can for 11 months full of stinky wet diapers.... not poop diapers because we brought them out to the trash can. Every. Single. Time. I bought a Diaper Genie and our house smells fresh again. I am seriously considering buying one for our kitchen trash.
Nuk Pacifiers

We love the Carter's Swaddle Blankets and the Adin and Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets- both are large and lightweight, perfect for the Alabama heat.

Carter's Footie Pajamas- with buttons

 Adin and Anais Sleep Sack-
These are fabulous because EA can't keep a blanket covering her at night, she tosses and turns too much. This is an excellent solution!
Quilt for fire place-
When we moved into our house, the people before us had the padding on our fireplace. There is still residue from that padding. When EA started getting mobile, we put a quilt, double layered on the fireplace for a short term fix, and it ended up being long-term. It's soft and offers a little padding, but comes off very easily and doesn't leave residue!
KidCo Gateway Pressure Mount Gate-
We put one of these gates up in the opening between our living room/dining room and the rest of the house and it has been glorious. EA has a nice LARGE space to play that is super safe and she can't get in the kitchen. Fabulous. It also doesn't hurt our door frame because it is pressure mount- it also doesn't fall down, which was the problem we found with the more traditional gate.

I am sure there are a hundred things that are not on this list, but these are a few of our favorite. If you are a new mom, I hope the list helps! 
Have a great day!

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