Emily Ann- 12 months

Emily Ann
12 Months

Firsts: Birthday!, cake/ substantial sweets, peanut butter, giving Mommy and Daddy kisses

Milestones: You are not quite walking, but love holding on to our hands and walk with us in the grass or as we do laps around the living room. I see your frustration when we stop walking before you are ready or when you fall- you definitely have a personality! You got two more teeth this month, bringing us to 8 total teeth! It is amazing how quickly they came. You give us kisses when we stick our lips out for you. It is SO sweet! 

Measurements: 22 lbs., 30 1/4 inches long , size 3 diapers, 12 month clothes.

Like Mommy: You are a big fan of birthday cake.
Like Daddy: Ya'll look so much alike!

Food: We have reduced your formula to one time a day! You have fruit, yogurt,and cheerios for breakfast each morning. You LOVE watermelon and honeydew! At lunch you have also been having fruit with some kind of protein- you love grilled cheese and cheese quesadillas. You normally eat what we are eating for dinner. Over the past month, you have become quite a picky eater. You have not been interested in veggies at all and proceed to take the things that you don't like out of your mouth. You have between 6 oz. of formula at night before you go to bed, but we are slowly transitioning away from that toward whole milk. You have also figured out how to drink from your sippy cup. You tilt the cup up very well and are very thirsty!

Sleep:  You sleep from about 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM every night. You take a morning nap most mornings for between 1-2 hours. You take a 2 hour nap each afternoon.

Challenges: Eating has been the biggest challenge this month. You are aware of what you like and don't like and are sure to let us know it.

Our Days: You wake up at about 8:00 each morning. You eat breakfast, then play for a little while. You lay down for a nap between 9:30 and 10. If we have to run errands, you usually fall asleep in the car. You eat lunch, then play for a little bit longer. You nap between 1:30/ 2:00- 4:00/ 4:30. When you wake up, you play for a little bit longer, then eat dinner with me and Daddy. You play a little longer, take your bottle, then go to bed!

Favorite Moments
Mommy's Favorite: KISSES! You are so very sweet and your kisses make you sweeter.
Daddy's Favorite: You being excited when he gets home.

Nicknames: EA, Doodlebug, Baby girl, Little girl

Photo ops:
The backyard swing

Playing in Mommy's pearls

Such a showboat.

The babies from our Sunday School class- 8 in a year!

Grandma's new car

Playtime with Mommy and Daddy in the front yard.

You couldn't wait to open your gift from Tiff and Rick- I walked in and the box was open!

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