28 weeks

Yesterday, I was officially 28 weeks pregnant. 
That's third trimester folks.

To say that this pregnancy has gone by quickly would be the understatement of the year- it is *flying.* Who has time to focus on being pregnant when #1 is walking around looking cute and saying "peese?" and "ble chu" and throwing toys all.over.the.place. all the time? 

But all that said, I am coming to the startling realization that in less than 3 months, Lord willing, we will be a family of four and I will want just a little something to document the 9+ months I have spent with this precious angel in my womb. So this won't be frequent and it certainly won't be weekly, seeing as this is my first blog post in a month, but here it is- pregnancy update for #2!

How far along? 28 weeks, 1 day

Baby Bump? Yup. Thankfully, I am finally past the "wow, she's gained weight" stage and into the "aw, you're pregnant" stage. 

Maternity clothes? At this point, just jeans, but my shirts are getting kind of short and I am working with a closet of maybe 6 options, so that probably won't last much longer.

Total weight gain: None as of last week. Totally don't understand my pregnancies at all. Non-pregnant Ashley gains weight just thinking about food.
Cravings: Chuy's. Basically, it's been Chuy's since day 1. I haven't had it since the beginning of January, which is driving me crazy... I need that tasty salsa with those light, crunchy chips. I could also go for a piece of cake- preferably chocolate with white icing.

Symptoms: Having to pee in the middle of the night.

Sleep: I have been sleeping great. Last night, the cat took up too much room at the bottom of the bed and considering I have 2 positions I can sleep with, it was a bit of a pain, but overall I have been sleeping fabulously.

Movement: I can usually feel her moving any time I am sitting still. It's not always strong enough for others to feel it, but I love knowing she's dancing around in there!

Gender: We are having another little girl! 

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: A variety of clothes. And clothes shopping. Whether I buy anything or not, I enjoy the ability to go in a store and know I COULD wear the clothes if I wanted. That joy is gone... but alas, it will return.

Best moment this week: I love it when #2 kicks me when I am holding EA. It's like, "Hey mom, I'm here too!! Don't forget me!" 
Also, completely unrelated to my pregnancy, EA is sick, so I have had the awesome blessing of letting her nap on my chest 2 days this week. Love that. Can't wait to do that with her little sister.

Biggest challenge: Those dad-gum toys are going to send me to an early grave... it's much harder picking up the 76 legos or the 6 pieces of stacking rings or the 5000 books than it was 6 months ago. 


  1. JUST WAIT on those toys. It only gets WORSE! : )

    Can't believe y'all are about to be a family of FOUR!

  2. Aww how adorable! Can't believe it's already the third trimester! So exciting!!!


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