Abby Grace- 3 months

Little Bit is 3 months old. 
She is precious and wonderful and basically I could just eat her up.
She has started smiling at us on a regular basis and will coo and talk every now and then- it makes my heart melt.
Man I love this kid and I love being her mom.

Likes: Being around people, cuddling, moving and wiggling, her hands
Dislikes: Gas/ refluxy stuff 

Basic stats: You weigh about 12 lbs. and are getting bigger every day. Your little cheeks are delectable- all I really want to do is kiss them :) You are wearing size 1 diapers and mostly 3 month clothes, though the occasional 0-3 month piece of clothing still fits you. You are eating every 4ish hours and are taking about 5 1/2  ounces at each feeding. Eating was definitely our biggest challenge this month. You are napping in the carseat or bouncer in the mornings while we run errands, go to the park or zoo, or go swimming with friends. In the afternoons you are inconsistent about sleeping in the crib and have recently ended up in either the bouncer or the swing while your sister is taking a nap in her bedroom. Your bedtime varies, but you have been sleeping through the night for about a month now- Mommy and Daddy are grateful :)

We love you Abby Grace! Thank you for being such a precious little girl!

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