Otis Ray McAdams 1994- 2009

This morning, at 5:15, my precious kitty Otis passed away. Though I prefer this to him being in pain and I know he had a long (15 years) and happy (he ate steak last night for dinner) life, it is still sad. I have loved cats all my life. When I was 9, my parents and I adopted my first cat, Otis Ray McAdams. The name Otis was after Travis Tritt's beagle and because occasionally he was a troublemaker, his middle name was Ray, after Daddy (also a troublemaker.) He spread out across my lap on the way home and when Mom and I went in the grocery store to get kitten food, he fell asleep in Daddy's hand. He proceeded to ride freely in cars without complaining and hopped in the shower immediately after Mom got out. He was really a precious cat and barely anyone who met him didn't love him. I am really going to miss him.

Moving on from the debbie-downer post...

I stopped by the thrift store on my way home from lunch with Brian. I found several perfect items to go in my laundry room (which I will be updating as soon as Brian helps me get the washer and dryer out.) Look at my great finds-

The tray was about $1 (to set on the dryer), the small basket was about 30 cents (for dryer lint), the big basket was about $3 (for storage), and the cup was about 50 cents (for spare pocket change). I am going to hit them with a little paint and they should be very cute! I will post before and after pictures once it is done!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Man - you have jumped with both feet onto the blogging bandwagon!!! A cooking blog too!

    Nice thrift store finds - can't wait to see the room all painted!


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