Now Hiring- ILTBG, Inc. (I love to buy gifts, Incorporated)

Considering my new obsession with blogging, it has been a long time since I blogged!
Rebecca came to town last Wednesday and was here until Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun- we really hadn't seen each other for that long in several months, so it was a nice change! The next time I see her will be AT HER WEDDING! :)
So, for the longest time, I have loved giving gifts. It has crossed my mind that if there is no hope of my coming out of this state of unemployment, I would love to start a business that I buy and prepare gifts for people to give. It really does make me very happy.
For example, Rebecca's bday gift- I called it her monogram themed basket.
Or Jaclyn and Tom's wedding gift (they are moving back to Ohio after the honeymoon, so they had to have sweet tea!)
Or the future Mr. & Mrs. Tate's wedding gift (shhh don't tell, the wedding is next week :) I found the mat at Michael's and it matched perfectly!
Too bad what I actually want to do and feel called to do is teach. I have an interview this coming week, so pray I will not have to resort to my gift buying business.
With all that said, I must lead you to a blog that was so encouraging to me as I was getting frustrated about my job. At Auburn, I was friends with a precious and wonderful girl, Brittany. Brittany and I were in each other's weddings and though we don't get to talk too often, when we do, it is always a fantastic conversation and such an encouragement. Anyway, we have had similar experiences in the quest for finding the job the Lord wants us to be in. She posted this post yesterday. It was such a blessing to be reminded that God's plan is there whether we see it or understand it or not. Man you gotta love a friend who leads your eyes to the Lord.
Finally, a last thought for the day.
You might see this very tall wall below and wonder what the decoration is on top-
That would be our cat. This is her new favorite place to sleep. She can be in the kitchen, dining room, and living room all at the same time. Not bad for a cat who hates to be alone :)
Have a blessed Lord's day!

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  1. So sad to hear about Otis Ray. I hear that all dogs go to heaven, so I assume cats do to :) Ashley, you are such an encouraging friend! I am so thankful God made us friends in Auburn. And though we don't get to talk much, the conversations we do have are so uplifting. Love you!


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