Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY!

So, thanks to Rebecca , Ginny, and my completely online graduate program (ha!) I am really into blogs right now and my FAVORITE blog to follow is Kelly's Korner. I am encouraged by her faith in Christ and love reading about the things going on in her's and Harper's life. Anyway, Kelly hosts Show Us Where You Live Friday and I have been so excited to post my first pictures of my house- I have been looking forward to it all week! So without further ado, our bathrooms!

My FAVORITE room in my house is the master bath. I love laying in the bathtub with a good book. As we were looking for a house, I insisted we get a house with a nice, big bathtub- We succeeded!

This is my bathtub! The TV was on the wall when we looked at the house before buying- we wrote it into our contract :)

In the window behind the tub I have various little knickknacks. The bell is from a cute little shop in Brookhaven, MS- It used to hang from my drawer, but the drawer knob fell off, so it was moved to the window. The bottle was a wedding gift of maple syrup from our friends in Vermont- I hated to throw the bottle away, so I put a J on it and put it in the window!

These pictures hang on both sides of the tub.

This picture was the center piece at my Mobile wedding shower. It was taken the day Brian and I were engaged.

This was a wedding gift from our sweet friend Hillary. It has our monogram and wedding invitation.

This is one of my favorite things in our bathroom. I got an ice bucket from Initially Yours and had it monogrammed with our initials. It dresses up the collection of shampoos and soaps without cluttering the tub area!

The chandelier above the tub.

Finally, these are post cards from our honeymoon in St. John. We had them framed. They are hanging above the toilet.

Next is the guest bath- Though it is small, I think it is pretty cute. I got the shower curtain from Pottery Barn outlet in Memphis for $9.99. The pictures are actually old magazine adds I got at an antique store in Decatur. We had them framed. They hung in both of my apartments in Auburn, then moved to our guest bath in both the apt. and the house. I love the one with the baby's because Brian and I are 2 Johnsons (as I had planned to be my freshman year at Auburn when I purchased the add :), so Johnson & Johnson.

I missed last weeks showing of our office, so I am attaching pictures :)

The office was recently cleaned out. We call it our Auburn room. The loveseat is mine from Auburn. Bodie has decided that the back of it is her favorite place to sleep. It is adorable.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home! Come back next week for more!


  1. I <3 it, very cute! I just got the Johnson & Johnson thing...how many years late?! : ) Where's that monogrammed soap you took so many pictures of?! J/K!

    Very cute, glad to see you on Kelly's!

  2. I love that you framed the post cards you got on your honeymoon!!

  3. Love the chandelier above the tub!!

  4. Very pretty bathrooms!! I think I'd just about live in that master bath!!

    My son just squealed with delight when he saw your kitty, giggle. How cute!!


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