Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is Brian's birthday. We had a pretty great day- we spent the night at Ross Bridge last night, so to wake up in that HUGE comfy bed was pretty wonderful. We slept a little later than we had planned but still headed to church. The service was ROCKING AWESOME. Today was the baptism service from the people who committed their life to Christ or needed to get their baptism in order from camp. 22 people were baptized this morning and the front of the church was full all the way across from people coming forward to respond. That's a pretty big thing at my pretty large church. God is big, so I shouldn't be surprised. After church we headed to Mama G's with Kevin (Bri's brother) for Brian's birthday lunch. YUM LOVE THEIR NACHOS AND CHIK BREAST SANDWICH. We ended our outings at my parents house where they presented him with his bday gift. After working all afternoon on school work, we went to a Sunday School party, now we are back home again doing school work (or blogging- depends on which one of us you are talking about).
To comemorate his birthday I am making a list of the top 10 things I love about Brian Johnson- including pictures. Enjoy! :)
1. He loves the Lord and desires to be more like Him.

2. He is stunningly handsome.

3. He is ridiculously organized.

4. He is willing to go see Harry Potter with me at 10:30 pm after I got home at 9:00 pm and have been out of town all week. He also went to get the book at midnight the night we got back from our honeymoon.

5. Two words- WAR EAGLE. Couldn't have it any other way.

6. He loves his family dearly and is willing to do anything for them. (Including Bodie :)

7. He is hilarious. He always makes me laugh and smile.

8. He's a great cook. His quesadillas on the grill are the best things you have ever eaten.
9. His job. He never fails to mention some sort of power something or truck type. Even when you don't care. Even when your happy. Even when your sad. Even when you are flying over something on your way home from Costa Rica.

10. He is patient and kind and wonderful and supportive.
And did I mention, completely hot?
Happy birthday to the love of my life!!!
Have a blessed day!

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