CAMP 2009

For the last 5 days I have been with the jr. and sr. high of our church in Horn's Creek, TN having camp. God worked in magnificent ways throughout the youth group and I am so excited to see what's to come.
Let's be honest. I am not an outdoors, um, woman. I like shopping. I like painting and scrapbooking. I like sitting in the air conditioning with a good book, so this was not my comfort zone. But it was fun! I didn't have a recreation group this year so I was able to stay in the game room and craft room a nice portion of the week. At first I was kind of bummed, not because I wasn't going through the mud pit (good grief) or on the high ropes course (which of course I wouldn't have done anyway), but because I wasn't getting to hang out with any girls. But of course as all bad attitudes develop, God shows you the good- I got to hang out with girls of all ages because I was in one room the whole time, which was awesome. I roomed with an awesome new married adult, Marchele in the sr. girls cabin and we quickly became friends. I was expecting to build new relationships with students this week, but never an adult! I was so thankful for it. I also lead a group of 10th and 11th graders (co-ed) in Bible study. It started out very quiet, but in the end, you could see God working through the conversations we were having. It was also encouraging being able to talk to a couple of them one on one and discuss God's truths.
I don't have any pictures of camp, so know through my words know that it was incredible. God is so good.
The downer of camp was July 14th- Brian and I's two year anniversary. Brian was at home and I was at camp. He was so precious to get Rob (one of his good friends) to deliver a note to me and I was able to talk to him, but there was no celebration, so we are headed out for a night of romantic bliss at Ross Bridge in Birmingham. I can't wait to have a romantic "get away."
I hope ya'll have a blessed weekend!!!


  1. Sounds like a great week! I'm pretty sure our youth group used to use the Horn's Creek facilities, that sounds so familiar! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary friend, love you! I will call you later in the week.


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