My Best Friend's Wedding

Long time, no post! The past week has been CRAZY! Last week Rebecca, my best friend, FINALLY got married after 5 years of dating. Brian and I were both in the wedding, so we headed down on Friday morning for a weekend of wedding celebration. It was SO much fun and the wedding was beautiful.
Here are several pictures from the rehearsal dinner. It was AUBURN themed and so much fun. You can see from several of the pictures- there was toilet paper on the ceiling like Toomer's Corner and the band CD playing in the background. Nothing like the Auburn Marching Band.

Rebecca and Wesley- the bride and groom

Brian and I. He makes that face on the half the pictures we take. It is pretty funny.

This is Cohort C from Elem. Ed. at Auburn. From left to right is me, Jessica, Rebecca, Brittany, and Allison. All of these girls were in my wedding. They are the best!

Finally, here's a quick pic of Rebecca and I. LOVE HER!

On to the wedding day!

Saturday morning was the Bridemaids and Groomsmen's Breakfasts. I obviously wasn't at the Groomsmen's Bfast, but here was a pic of the bridemaids from our DELICOUS breakfast. Cheese grits and white chocolate covered strawberries- YUM!

Next, we were on to the church.

Isn't this pictures great!?

She looks BEAUTIFUL!

Presenting, Mr. and Mrs. Taff! :)

The reception was SOOO much fun! We danced- a lot.

Here is the traditional mmmbop dance. Those Hanson boys know how to rock.

Stunningly handsome boys :)

The Taffs and the Johnsons!

The Taffs heading off for their honeymoon pleasure- in an AWESOME Auburn car. Complete with Auburn hubcaps. And they were off!

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  1. aww, thanks for the post and pictures! so sweet, i love looking at them!


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