Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY!

Again, I am joining Kelly at Kelly's Korner for Show Us Where You Live Friday. This week is the garage and yard.
Before I begin, I must explain that the yard is ALLLLL Brian. He loves it. Bodie is my baby and the yard is his. He wakes up early on Saturdays to mow and chop and trim. He comes home from work to mow and chop and trim. He really loves it. I, on the other hand, am not a yard girl. Give me an indoor project, a decorating project, a craft project and I am all over it, but these pictures I am about to post are all Brian. He's amazing :)
These pictures are of our side yard. It is the prettiest part of the yard. The rose bush is beside our kitchen window and when we eat at the kitchen table, they are a GORGEOUS view.
This is my hydrangea bush... or plant... whatever you call them. It is the only thing I get credit for in our backyard. Isn't it pretty?
Here is a view of the backyard. We have a pretty large patch of grass in the middle. We also have 2 fig trees. I love to eat them, but I generally have to beat the birds to them, which is difficult.
Next is the garage. Had I taken pictures of it a month ago, you would have seen my entire classroom (in boxes), an old couch and loveseat, a whole lot of things that needed to be given to Good Will, and no cars. Brian and I FINALLY took a Saturday several weeks back to clean and organize. We managed to sell our 20 year old couch and loveseat for $50 to a couple who thought we were having a garage sale (yes, it was that bad.) My classroom went to the attic until I find a job and a lot of things went to Good Will. And here is the final product!

Brian bought these shelves from Target on sale for a decent price. They are perfect for all his man stuff he has to store. You know what's funny? Coolers. We own 4 coolers of various shapes and sizes. We have used them for tailgates, picnics, my trips to throw showers, and yet, Brian claims we need another cooler because those "don't work." I really don't get it, our food stays cold and they are plenty big, but we need a new cooler.
We also spent our first 9-months with bikes in our way. Before my classroom went to the garage (and now the attic) Brian couldn't park in the garage because of the bikes. Then, ONE DAY, I made a trip to Ross where I found these bike hangers for $9.99 a piece. Apparently they aren't cheap at athletic stores, so I swipped them up, and NOW we both fit in the garage!

Finally, here is my most recent craft project. I have been pretty busy with appointments and hanging out with friends this week and have been very confused with what time I was doing what. So, I created this calendar with things I had around the house.
The board was from my classroom. It is pretty battered in the back because kids beat it up, so it was time for retirement anyway.
I used ribbon I had around the house- I thought it was different from the usual calendar and it made it quirky.
Finally, I used paint pen to write the days and black paint around the edges and
da dadadaaaaa
Our family calendar!

I was pretty pleased and finally have a place to write things down!

PS- One day I am going to start making these posts on Friday, not Thursday :) I just get so excited about them!

Have a blessed evening!


  1. Ashley, you are so cute! You crack me up. If Brian ever gets bored with your yard, tell him that I have an entire yard that he could go crazy with - and I probably wouldn't even notice! I discovered I have 4 rose bushes (2 red, 1 pink, 1 yellow) and 5 hydrangea bushes (all blue). So maybe this fall I'll be able to get out there and take care of things so they're pretty next year. I'm too far behind this year and it's just too hot. But kudos to you for keeping your yard nice - or encouraging Brian to do so, haha. AND, I love your various craft projects! Way to go. One day, I will sit down and be creative like that too... maybe. Love you!!!

  2. Your yard is gorgeous! I love your rose bush and you garage looks spacious!

  3. Very nice yard! We built our house about a year ago, and the yard is still not "right"!

    We have a cat that looks EXACTLY like yours! Weird!! Her name is Ginny. =)

  4. Great pictures of your yard and garage. I love roses and hydrangeas...great choices.

  5. I love how organized your garage looks! I need to get started on ours. Thanks for posting

  6. It sounds like your husband Brian thinks about coolers the same way I think about shoes. I have plenty, they all work, but still, I want more. :)
    Cute beetle! I used to have a white one.

  7. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I just found your blog yesterday, and I love it! We're moving to Jordan for our first three years (for language school-Arabic,) then will be moving somewhere in the Arabian Gulf region. I think I removed all specific names on there for security reasons.

  8. wow, it's beautiful and so organized!

  9. Great yard! My husband is the same with ours - I think he should've been a farmer!

  10. You have a beautiful yard. that calendar is fantastic too!!

  11. You guys are so neat and organized!

    And you'd be surprised how fast my husband could fill up that huge hangar! ha!

  12. The calendar is really cute, good job!

    And, I love that I'm on it!! : )

  13. Ashley, you have a nice yard! I also like the calendar, I would need a bigger board because I like to have lots of space! I was reading some of your other posts and looked at your book blog. My husband and I are both teachers. I teach Title 1 reading and he was 4th grade teaching reading, but he's moving to 5th grade math, science & SS next year! Good luck on finding a job! I know it's hard! I would love to get into the district where we live instead of driving 60 miles round trip everyday!

  14. great pictures! you are very organized!


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