God Bless the USA

Today, my focus was on all things American. With our holiday plans pretty busy, I wanted to focus on our country and the huge blessing it is to live here. How incredible is it that we are free to worship our Lord, free to state our opinion, free to walk down the street, free to listen to the music of our choice, and free to be ourselves. I am so thankful for our military that risks their lives to keep us safe. I am thankful for a democratic government that allows us to choose . I am thankful for the freedom to walk into church any day I please and praise Jesus for His sacrifice for us. I am thankful for the country in which we live.

To commemorate our country, here are pictures of some of myAmerican day :)

(Gotta love it!)

Cherry Coke- my favorite!

My husband mowing the lawn- can't get more American than that!

Mom, Brian, and I went to Full Moon for BBQ- delicious!

We OBVIOUSLY drank sweet tea. It could be more Southern than American, but it was sooo good.

The wonderful world of baseball!

And fireworks!

Happy 4th of July my friends! Have a safe and wonderful holiday :)

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