Auburn's Offense

Yesterday was MAGNIFICENT. It was our first SEC game of the season against Mississippi State. Our defense really could have stood to step it up a smidge, but our offense was BEAUTIFUL. Our recievers and quarterback(s?) worked so nicely together. It was nice to see unity among the team. WAR EAGLE.

To prepare to watch the game at our friends Jared and Ashley's house, I made cupcakes. For my birthday, Brian gave me this awesome Auburn cupcake "tin." It is actually silicone, but who needs specifics. I have been dying to make cupcakes, but I didn't want to curse it before football started, then I didn't want to bring them to the game last week, so this week was the big premiere.

Here are the cupcakes BEFORE the icing.

Here they are with the icing.

And here I am proudly showing my works of art.

We are going to watch the VA Tech game with our Sunday School class next week, so I am prepared the make the cupcakes again. 2 weeks in a row, SCORE!

On a side note, I made Bakerella's Mini Maple Pancake Muffins for Sunday School breakfast this morning. They were delicious! I made 6 dozen and came home with none. Please don't think I cook this often on a regular basis, this has been an unusually kitchen filled weekend. I just wanted to share the recipe love!

Have a blessed Sunday evening!

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