Decal Monograms Giveaway

So, I have LOVED the Decal Monograms Etsy shop FOREVER. I pretty much adore anything with a monogram, so this shop is perfect! I spend lots of time trying to figure out which decal I want and what I will put it on. She has SO many options! Well, I went to the her Etsy shop to pick out something for a wedding gift and there I see it, SHE HAS A BLOG! As a kick off for her new blog she is hosting a giveaway for a car monogram. It is so cute!
Sign-up for the giveaway ends tomorrow, so go check it out!

+ = Perfect!

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  1. I love the background. I've been wanting to change my header/background forever but can't remember how to do it! HELP! I also keep trying to add my own custom signature and keep butchering it!


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