A lot of trouble for a lb. of meat...

Brian was out of town last night and I have been itching to use a new dinner recipe from Kelly's blog last Friday, so I decided to cook a special dinner we hadn't had before. I ran to the grocery store to grab some of the ingredients on my way home. Once I unloaded the groceries, I realized I left the ground beef on the counter at the store. I was frustrated because I wouldn't have dinner ready when Brian got home and had I gone to Publix, they would have made sure I had ALL my groceries. Brian suggested I call the store to be sure they would let me have the meat I had already paid for. It seemed like a good idea, so I called- then realized I had no idea what to say. My witty statement to the girl on the phone was *I left my meat there. Can I come get it?* I drove back to the store and went to the desk to find out what to do. The man at the customer service counter told me to go grab some more meat from the back, so I headed back there. Half way back to the meat section I hear over the intercom *Customer who left the meat, please come to the front, customer who left the meat please come to the front.* I do a U-turn to an audience of 5 on the canned foods aisle, wondering if they know I am the "customer who left the meat." I came to the front where the man was standing with my original meat, scanning the front of the store like he lost his dog. Brian and I spent the whole drive home laughing that I was the "Customer who left the meat."
Once I got home, the meal turned out great! Who ever knew ground beef and tater tots would go so well together!? I guess it takes a little work to have a marvelous meal!


  1. That is hilarious! Oh, and I made your mini chocolate chip muffin pancake things (or whatever they're called), and they were fantastic! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. LOL - love it! I have been trying recipes from Kelly's linky blog too! We'll have to share which ones so we know what to do and what not to do!!


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