Auburn Traditions!

Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life again at Kelly's Korner this week. This week's tour is sharing favorite teams, traditions, and how our schools tailgate. In my personal opinion, Auburn is the best. I, of course, am pretty biase.
As an alumni of Auburn University, my hearts SINGS for Auburn Tiger football! Nothing beats the Saturday before Labor Day when all anyone in Alabama can talk about it football. At our house it starts in early August, watching past glory days on the internet, listening to band cds, and planning which games we are going to attend. Out come the shirts, the shakers, and the very competitive nature. There's nothing like it.
Our coach Gene Chizik (Chizzy) coming down Tiger Walk.
Our first major tradition is Tiger Walk. During this, our team, coaches, and cheerleaders come down Donahue Drive to the band playing War Eagle, Glory, the Hey Song, and so many more. Everyone is there and everyone is excited.

The next major tradition is the pregame show! As a former member of the Auburn University flag line where I met my husband and my best friend, I adore the band. Pregame is high energy and high school spirit! I love when they come down the field in the shape of an AU!

One of my favorite traditions happens right before the band marches out. The Auburn Raptor Center lets the eagle out of a cage in the upper deck. The eagle flies around the stadium and eventually lands on the field as 90,000 people are screaming War Eagle. Whether you are an Auburn fan or not, it is incredible. And somehow the eagle never leaves the stadium, which is always amazing to me.

Finally, Toomer's Corner. There is a old tree on the corner of College Street and Magnolia Ave. that we (meaning all Auburn fans) roll when Auburn wins. It seems strange I'm sure, but it is really cool. There is nothing like driving to church on Sunday morning and passing a corner full of toilet paper that all of Auburn celebrates. It develops this sense of unity in a weird and crazy way. You really can't beat it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about some of Auburn's traditions! I can't wait to read about how everyone else celebrates football!


  1. WAR EAGLE right back at you! The traditions in Auburn are so wonderful...love each and every one! The eagle's flight is one of my favorites!

  2. Love this post and I love AUBURN! I think we have the best traditions. WAR EAGLE!

  3. War Eagle to you! Only Tiger fans understand the family that is AUBURN! Go Tigers!

  4. WAR EAGLE! I love finding other Auburn fans in blog world :)

  5. War Eagle!! Thanks for stopping by.:)



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