Core Weekend 2009

Brian and I are Core Group leaders at our church. This is just a small group time with the middle and high school youth. Normally the groups start in 7th grade and the goal is for the leader to move up with the kids. In my case, I have been blessed to have senior girls for the past two years. For both groups their leaders could not commit another year or graduated from Samford, so I stepped in. I LOVE it and them! It is cool to spend time in God's Word with them in this major transitioning year before they head to college- We are reading the book Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. It is a great book to get you focused on serving Christ and being sure your life is dedicated to serving Him.
Anyway, this past weekend was Core Weekend, where our Core Groups get together and just spend the weekend together. Only 2 of my 4 girls could make it because of college visits and ACTs and homecomings, but it was really fantastic. We painted, shopped, and ate- the makings of a fantastic weekend! Our conversation was God glorifying and I feel like we really got to know each other on a deeper level. I am so excited about what is to come the rest of the year!
Here are some major highlights of the weekend-
My pumpkin cupcakes! We are going to a Halloween party next weekend, so I am hoping to recreate these to look a little better, but it's a good start :)
One of my girls absolutely went crazy when my odometer hit 200.9 miles- she yelled and screamed and insisted we stop and take a picture. I couldn't get the picture to turn out great, but you get the idea.
The other girl's father was hunting over the weekend and she had just told us a little known fact about deer. Did you know that when deer are born, they are always twins? But when the mother deer is malnourished it disgests one of the twins for food, and when it is realllly malnourished, it digests both. So we are driving down the road and she starts ranting about the twin deer with spots on the side of the road. After insisting to turn around, we found out she was right, stopped, took a picture, and discussed it the entire way back to the house. Apparently this mother deer was healthy.
Have a blessed week my friends!


  1. huh! That deer stuff was interesting! I've been wanting to read Don't Waste Your Life, I'm glad you like it!

  2. Why did she go nuts over the odometer hitting 200.9??

    I never knew that about deer?! Learn something new every day....

    PS-I'll see you ten days from tomorrow! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!


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