Great friends, fantastic football, and good parenting

This weekend, Brian and I headed up to Tennessee. We went with Ryan Lee and Jake to see some sweet friends who moved up there this summer. Ryan and Brittany grew up in TN, then moved here for Ryan's pharmacy school at Samford. He's finished and is now working at Wal-Greens in TN close to their hometowns. We have missed them so much and were so excited to see them!

What a fun weekend! We spend SaturDAY in Gatlinburg, shopping at the outlets and eating at the Apple Barn. I got an ADORABLE sweater, but managed to have some self control through the rest of the trip. I was pretty proud of myself. I generally don't handle outlets too well. THEN we headed to Knoxville to see our Auburn Tigers play the Tennessee Volunteers. It was our first away game as "real people" and I loved it!

Our defense seemed to have improved this week and special teams got a little more running in before they ran into people. We won the game 26 to 22! War Eagle!

My favorite part about the game (aside from winning, of course) had to be the father/ son pair in front of us in the stadium. As a teacher I have seen lots of parents... good, bad, and indifferent. The growing trend in parenting seems to be dads who are happy to let the mom do the parenting and have very little relationship with their child. I know this isn't the case in all situations, but I have seen a lot of it in my past 2 classes. Then, last night, I was encouraged. A father and son had come to the game, as Auburn fans. The boy was in 3rd grade. The dad spent the game explaining different aspects of the sport (such as a chop block and what the tackle box is- HA I learned new terms too) and the boy was ENGROSSED, not only in the game but in spending time with his father. He would constantly look up at him, ask him questions, and talk to him. The father kissed him on the head and hugged him at least 10 times. The dad clearly enjoyed the game and Auburn football, but was focused on his son. It was a great time for me to see such a good model of how wonderful parenting can be, for both the father and the mother. It left me excited to one day be able to do that with Brian.

The weekend was a blast! We had 2 VERY late nights in a row, so I am sure tomorrow morning will come early, but it was SO much fun!

I hope you had a blessed weekend my friends! Happy Sunday!

Oh and did I mention---

Auburn's #17 in the nation!

How about them Tigers?

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  1. I'm jealous that you were at that game - the whole time I was wishing that I was there! I'm glad you guys had fun!


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