Dare to DIY- Be Thankful

I am so excited because today starts the first week of the Dare to DIY. The theme this week is Be Thankful. Our assignment was to do a Thanksgiving craft of any kind. I have been really into cupcake decorating this Fall and when we had people over to watch the Auburn vs. Georgia game last night (terrible ending BTW), I knew I had decorate Thanksgiving cupcakes.
I used cake mix and white icing for the basic cupcake design. Several weeks ago Hobby Lobby had a 40% off sale on Halloween things, which included this great Wilson Decorative icing in orange, black, brown, red, and green. I wasn't sure why the red and green were for sale, but I certainly didn't complain. I bought WAY more then I should have, but at least I got it at a great price!
I used the brown for the turkey's body and the other three colors for the feathers. The hus said turkeys didn't have green feathers, which I know, but I still had the icing and wanted to use it. I used a bit of red for the beard and chocolate chips for the eyes and voila!
I also used the green icing to write Give Thanks. I set them up on my awesome cupcake stand in a very festive style.
I made 24 cupcakes yesterday and by 7:00 tonight, they were all gone. I guess they were a hit.
I loved our first DIY Project! Though it is not a craft that lasted, I was proud of the result!
Have a great night my friends! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's DIY Project!


  1. Okay, I'm so impressed that you can decorate cupcakes and make them actually look like something. They look adorable. I love the little turkeys. Everytime I've tried to decorate cookies or cupcakes, they turn out looking like blobs. Great work!

    Thanks for linking up. =)

  2. I <3 edible art! Great job!

  3. If there's food involved, I'm all about it. I would have eaten all 24 and growled if my husband tried to have one. Very cute!

  4. They look yummy. I can see why they didn't last long.

  5. Why didn't I think of this?!?! Such a great idea and they turned out so cute!

  6. Very cute! And I would have been a contributor to eating them all had I been around - cupcakes and I get along very well!


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