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On a more serious note, recently it has really been on my heart and mind how monumental this time of married without children is for mine and Brian's relationship and for our future family. I love the Lord and seek to know Him more and glorify Him in all that I do, but I have say- sometimes I fail. Let's be honest, most of the time, I fail. I am at the point in our marriage where I would love to have children, but with Brian and I both in school, it is truly not the time. Thinking about children makes me wonder, am I in a place where God can and will use me for His glory? Am I at a place in my relationship with Jesus that I can honestly go into a life with children and do everything in my power to lead them to Him? This time that I am wishing away is so important to the foundation of our marriage and to our future. No, things won't be easy. No, we won't be perfect. But by knowing Jesus and loving Him, digging into His Word, and serving Him, I pray that I will be the wife and mother He intends me to be. But wow, it's scary.
Sorry for the rambling- I have been thinking about this for awhile and just wanted to share. If you have insight, I would love to hear it.
Have a blessed evening my friends.

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  1. Jim Elliot, the famous missionary, said "Wherever you are, be ALL there." That has spoken to me these past few weeks as I am trying to be content with this phase of my life!


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