2009- A Look Back

2009 was a great year for the Johnson's. Here are some major highlights...

* In March, Brian and I went on our first mission trip together as a married couple. We traveled with some of the youth from our church to Costa Rica. The trip was an awesome stone for our marriage, as we watched God not only provide the money for us to go, but worked through us and our team in incredible ways. We got to go with my Core Group from last year, Brian's youngest brother- Kevin, and our good friend Ashley.

* In May, we traveled to the Happiest Place on Earth, met Mickey and Minnie, road every ride together but one. We also camped in a tent at Fort Wilderness. Did you know that the week of Memorial Day it rained 7 inches in 9 days in Orlando? Well, it did. And we camped through it.

*In June, Brian and I both started graduate school. Brian is working on his MBA while I am getting my degree in Educational Media. We both hope to finish sometime in 2011.

*Also in June I STARTED BLOGGING!!! I just love it!

*In July, I got a new job. God blessed me with an incredible place to work and with 19 precious students to teach and to love.

*In November, we started the process of redoing our kitchen. We got new counter tops and a new backsplash. I also got a new trashcan for Christmas :) We hope to put in new tile sometime soon.

The year has FLOWN by. We can't wait to see what is in store for the next year!

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

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