The Outback Bowl 2010

War Eagle!
We spent our day yesterday enjoying the Outback bowl. It rained the entire first half, but was well worth it in the end. But I have to say, it was ridiculously cold in central Florida, especially in wet clothes!

It was the only time in my life I have seen a team win the game 3 times. At least it was Auburn all 3 times. Chizik made a comment during the post game press conference that we went in 7 and 5 and came out 10 and 5, and I'd agree. Woo buddy, it was pins and needles.

Here are some pictures of the day's events!

Brian and I are making the trek back to Bham today. As we are driving I am going to be considering my New Year's Resolutions for 2010, so hopefully I will have those posted soon!

Have a marvelous day my friends!


  1. I thought of you yesterday! As we were watching all of the games, whenever the Auburn game came on I kept telling Ian "my friend Ashley is there!" ha!Glad ya'll had fun despite the rain and cold!

  2. Your pictures are great! I can tell you have a great camera! I am glad yall made it back safely.


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